Hints and Tips

Horse Care: herbal support for horse health.

There are lots of things you can do at home that are cheap, readily available and effective.

You’ll be surprised at how useful some the things you can find growing wild and with a little effort, at what you can grow.

Some may require a little more work but the feeling of satisfaction you can get from making your own products makes the work worthwhile.

This will cover gentle and simple support strategies, which can be started as soon as you notice a problem.

Generally speaking the sooner you start treating a problem the easier it will be to fix. Many herbs can be used in supportive roles and often can be used alongside veterinary treatment to support normal function.

External Use


This is another pasture herb which is wide spread. Fresh Yarrow is a very handy styptic.

Raw onion

Can also be used for both internally and externally.


This common pasture weed can be found in moist areas.


Particularly that with a UMF 10 or more is excellent for wound healing.


This is one to grow, but be sure to get the right species.


Internal Use


Thyme is another excellent lung herb....


My favourite herb. Garlic is a wonderful herb for general respiratory health.


Has long been used in the UK and Europe to enhance coat condition not only as a wash but also as a feed additive.