Specific Aid

Thuja occidentalis

Thuja occidentalis

Supports the natural defence for respiratory immunity.

Defence helps maintain and support an efficient respiratory immune system.

Defence is a blend of herbal extracts chosen to provide support to the cells by sustaining their own natural defence system.

Defence is a rapidly absorbed fast acting liquid extract. It contains only rich concentrated plant extracts, with no added fillers such as cider vinegar or honey.

Defence contains a pure tincture of St Johns Wort (Hypericum perforatum), Thuja (Thuja occidentalis), Barberry (Berberis vulgaris) and Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra).

Like all our products these tinctures are at a strength of 1:2 ; the strongest concentration available to the equine market.

"Autumn, the season of dust, wind and changes of temperature has always been the time for viruses. This year seems to have an even better (or worst) strain of virus. Thick mucus, respiratory distress plus swollen noses.
This virus seems to hang around for at least a month, sometimes longer even with very good care and management by the owner of the horse.
This year on the first day my horse showed the above symptoms I dosed him with Defence and it took only two days for the swelling on the nose to go down and a total of six days before all other symptoms disappeared.
Another horse on the property that caught the virus came right after two days on Defence but his symptoms weren't as bad and he didn't have a swollen nose."

Carol Harrison, Cambridge.

"Good news to report. After years (and three horses) of virus's on this property, we have had 9 months free! Amazing. Thank you both so much for all your help and perserverance to get on top of it.
Leena coughed for almost 2 years before you helped me sort it out. The young horse I bought back in March 2002 got one quick bout in October 2002 (at which time Leena got a quick short recurrence) and I got them onto Defence fast and knocked it on the head within a week.
I have been passing on the good word and sent others your way.
Interestingly, we had a vet here to a cow this week and we were discussing EHV virus and my husband said the only way to get on top of it was using equine herbals Defence and she agreed, saying she had experienced that via other clients also!
So, with the viral season fast approaching I am after some advice. Do I dose the girls up with E-mmunity now - and if so, how much for how long? I know all the initial signs of virus now so am ready to combat with Defence at first signs, but wondered if a course of E-mmunity would be in line first?
Kathy Drake

"My advanced horse is still on Defence, I daren't stop as he is going so well. Seems to be helping to keep him supple too."
Mary, Bucks